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Racialized Minorities: Research Project and Oakville Resident

racialized minorities: Politics even runs in the family her uncle is Ovid Jackson, a former Liberal MP. That's part of why the longtime Oakville resident decided to carry the NDP's banner albeit unsuccessfully in the 2014 provincial election and again federally in 2015, according to Toronto Star. But Marville won't be making another bid for public office anytime soon, mirroring a trend among would-be female politicians that a one-of-a-kind research project seeks to analyze with data that suggest as women and racialized minorities chug through the political pipeline from aspirant to candidate to MP their prospects narrow, whereas the opposite occurs for white men. The prominent health and wellness advocate and mother of four has held leadership positions for the provincial and federal New Democrats and has a York University degree in political science. For women, the toughest hurdle is at the nomination level, the first checkpoint into the political realm. That's according to Erin Tolley, who teaches political science at the University of Toronto. Article Continued Below Racialized minorities come up against barriers further along, beginning at the candidate selection stage. ( As reported in the news.