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Press Hundreds: Capsizing and Dar Yasin

press hundreds: The capsizing occurred as the boat was approaching Shah Porir Dwip in Teknaf in Cox's Bazar district bordering Myanmar's Rakhine state, according to CBC. He said villagers told police they recovered five bodies and at least 21 people survived. Survivors of the capsizing told local officials that up to 65 people were on board and almost half of them were children, local police official Sheikh Ashrafuzzaman said. Including Monday's capsizing, boat accidents have killed at least 184 Rohingya trying to reach Bangladesh. Dar Yasin/Associated Press Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled Myanmar since Aug. 25, when the military launched a crackdown decried by the United Nations as ethnic cleansing. A damaged boat which was carrying Rohingya Muslims who crossed over from Myanmar into Bangladesh, is seen near the shore of Bay of Bangal after it capsized near Shah Porir Dwip. ( As reported in the news.