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Passports Saleem: Myanmar Nationals

passports saleem: He finally attained some of that long-awaited recognition in exile - with an official identification card issued not by Myanmar, but by the Bangladesh Department of Immigration and Passports, according to CTV. Saleem, a Rohingya Muslim who lived in northern Myanmar, is one of more than half a million members of the minority ethnic group who have fled across the border to Bangladesh since late August after their homes were set ablaze by security forces and Buddhist mobs. But at no time in his 30 years of life did the government ever recognize him as a citizen. Most people in Myanmar see the Rohingya as foreigners, even though most were born there. The cards identify the refugees as Myanmar Nationals. Bangladeshi authorities are now carrying out the immense task of registering the newly arrived refugees and issuing laminated identification cards that list their name, age, and place of birth. ( As reported in the news.