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Non-Leading Countries: Ban Treaty and Bill L

non-leading countries: What is the world to do when Canada and many other leading countries are not leading Civil society and non-leading countries operate within the framework of the United Nations to stigmatize and delegitimize nuclear weapons, rendering them illegal, according to Toronto Star. Your editorial points to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's difficult position of having to deal with U.S. President Donald Trump on various cross-border issues as justification for his refusal to support the Ban Treaty. It is important to get facts and various opinions on this important issue. The US Mission to NATO memo directing NATO membership to vote no to Bill L41 the 2016 resolution to establish a mandate for nations to negotiate a nuclear weapon ban treaty was issued on Oct. 17, 2016, under former president Barack Obama's government, with all indications pointing to an upcoming Hillary Clinton election win. Article Continued Below Politics and posturing have delayed nuclear weapons abolition for too long. Canada voted no without Trump's input. ( As reported in the news.