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Narrowcast Views: Convenience Difference and Art Scene

narrowcast views: Indeed, a ruling downtown ethic is the hallmark of many an art scene the world over; art as an urban feature, to be blunt, has become the stamp of many a civic branding campaign Nuit Blanche, I'm looking at you . Such narrowcast views serve an agenda of convenience difference is messy; breadth, however capacious, can never be broad enough, according to Toronto Star. Tight parameters based on longstanding boundaries keep things both tidy and self-affirming, and the casual exclusions they beget have rarely been a point of concern to anyone on the comfortable side of things. The art world, here and elsewhere, hasn't been overly reflective of this simple fact. Aside from being blithely heartless, such notions are also a cheat to audiences who deserve more. A sky-high real estate market has made the downtown core increasingly unfriendly to cultural activity, let alone a landscape of difference; our city's much-vaunted diversity exists less and less within the boundaries of the city centre, and more and more in the blossoming communities in its far orbit. Toronto now is not Toronto of any recently imaginable then. ( As reported in the news.