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Michel Matte: Racism Consultations and Patrick Huot

michel matte: Systemic racism is the practice wherein people discriminate--sometimes unwittingly--against those who do not share their own ethnic and cultural background in a myriad of ways, such as deciding who to hire, according to CTV. Couillard and two other Liberal MNAs, Michel Matte and Patrick Huot, identified the systemic racism consultations as a factor in the devastating loss for the Liberals in the Louis-Hebert by-election on Monday night. I think the important thing is to reconnect the process with the results that we want to obtain, he said. Some Quebecers have expressed discomfort, saying they are unhappy with the process. I think he realizes that a number of Quebecers feel that the commission is completely uncalled for, said PQ leader Jean-Francois Lis e. The PQ and CAQ have referred to it as putting Quebecers on trial; that it suggests Quebec society as a whole is racist. ( As reported in the news.