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Metal Spikes: Trump and Patrol Agent

metal spikes: The requirements established to realize U.S. President Donald Trump's vision call for a fence that is impenetrable, it's unscalable, said Roy Villareal, acting chief patrol agent of the San Diego border sector, according to Toronto Star. They can't dig under it. Lined up next to each other, the nine-metre-tall concrete and steel sample barriers some with extra-stout reinforced bases, others topped with metal spikes certainly look ominous. They can't cut through it. Read the latest news about U.S. President Donald Trump Maybe the fence-hoppers were unlucky, or had chosen an ill-advised, hide-in-plain-sight strategy, but either way their experience is suggestive of how many Mexicans feel about Trump's wall no matter how it's built, it's not going to work. Even these big warning slabs of concrete, the teeming construction site, and police and helicopters patrolling both sides of the border weren't enough to stop a half-dozen would-be migrants from hopping the existing fence earlier this month and landing smack in the middle of the project, according to U.S. border officials. ( As reported in the news.