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Love Boat: Goodness I and Entertainment Leaders

love boat: I was in that position too many times, Boyd recalled Wednesday after writing a social media post in support of the women who have spoken up against Weinstein, according to CTV. Thank goodness I was strong enough to say no, but I did lose all kinds of opportunities. The five-time Juno Award winner says she encountered powerful entertainment leaders in the 1970s and 1980s who pressured her to trade sex for a chance at fame. She said she likely missed out on a chance to appear on the TV series The Love Boat and perform at the White House with Frank Sinatra because she wouldn't have sex with a man involved in both projects. She decided to return to Toronto instead of forging a career in Los Angeles because the price became too evident. A role alongside actress Nastassja Kinski was also dangled as bait by a screenwriter who wanted to see her audition in his hotel suite, Boyd recalled. ( As reported in the news.