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Life Stories: Karmic Ballast and Outermost Realms

life stories: His solo, black-box tours de force are rich in anecdotal detail, according to Vancouver Observer. But he circles around his subjects' life stories with an oblique, almost shy relish, like an appreciative suitor, a rather than an aggressive just-the-facts, ma'am gumshoe investigator. The moniker neatly sums up Shigematsu's idiosyncratic, self-invented art form the bonsai son et lumi re biographical monologue. And, in mid-narrative, he's always ready for side-trips into the outermost realms of or philosophy, with speculation on everything from extraterrestrial intelligence to the karmic ballast of ethnic cleansing to the psychological aftershocks of first love. But they also highlight the core seriousness of his tartly comic monologues. These smooth digressive pirouettes and our readiness to spin right along with him prove Shigematsu's impeccable cadence as a performer and his rhetorical dazzle as a writer. ( As reported in the news.