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Head Coverings: Refugee Status and Quebec Border

head coverings: Among other things, the questionnaire asked opinions about religious practice, head coverings associated with Muslim women and terrorist groups with mainly Muslim members, according to CTV. Toronto immigration lawyer Clifford McCarten said he obtained a copy of the document from a client seeking refugee status, who had been given the three-page, 41-question document by mistake. The questionnaire was used at the Quebec border crossing that saw an influx of thousands of asylum seekers from the U.S., many of them of Haitian descent who were concerned about the Trump administration's decision to cancel a program that allowed them to stay in the country. He was shocked by the questions, said McCarten, who provided a copy to The Canadian Press. Canada is a very liberal country that believes in freedom of religious practice and equality between men and women. The man was originally from a Muslim country, he added. ( As reported in the news.