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Government-Organized Trip: Myanmar and Mac Arthur

government-organized trip: What Mac Arthur saw from the partially open door of a Myanmar air force helicopter seemed to support those accusations, she said in a rare interview, according to CBC. Special envoy Bob Rae headed to Myanmar next week Trudeau appoints Bob Rae as special envoy to Myanmar The government-organized trip on Oct. 2 involving 20 diplomats was controversial, but nonetheless the only way to get to the area for a first-hand glimpse at the disturbing pattern etched into the vast fields of green. Canada's ambassador to Myanmar is one of very few Canadians, or foreigners from anywhere, who have seen that troubled strip of land since the violence and displacement started, prompting many, including the UN and Canada, to describe it as ethnic cleansing. I saw village after village blackened, destroyed, emptied of people not a single person, not an animal to be seen from the air, she said on the phone from Myanmar. STR/AFP/Getty Images Looking at those blackened strips in the middle of this greenery this to me is a clear manifestation of what people are talking about when they talk about ethnic cleansing. This aerial picture taken Sept. 27 shows burnt villages near Maungdaw in Myanmar's northern Rakhine state. ( As reported in the news.