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G Leaders: Millennial Man and Defeat Burman

g leaders: Populist politicians across Europe have seized on the issue to warn that migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East could undermine Europe's way of life, according to Toronto Star. Read more G20 leaders defend globalization against populism, Trump's America First' agenda Article Continued Below Millennial man, Kurz, 31, set to take power in Austria Despite triumph, Angela Merkel dances with defeat Burman The strategy has paid off at the polls, boosting backers of Britain's move to leave the European Union and helping put a far-right candidate into the final round of France's presidential elections. react-empty 157 On Sunday, the right-wing Freedom Party received more than a quarter of the vote in Austria's parliamentary elections, putting it in a strong position to join the next government. The issue has been at the forefront of European politics since 2015, with the influx of more than two million migrants fuelling voters' fears of unrestricted immigration. Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache has described people fleeing wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan as invaders, and claimed earlier this year that Muslim immigrants create no-go areas wherever they settle. Whereas such tactics might previously have earned the Freedom Party and even Kurz a rebuke from other European countries, there was little outside criticism this time. Ahead of the Austrian election, the leader of Austria's centrist People's Party, Sebastian Kurz, adopted the Freedom Party's stance on immigration in a bid to woo their voters. ( As reported in the news.