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Freedom Party: Party and Cent

freedom party: Near-final results from Sunday's balloting put his People's Party comfortably in first place, with 31.4 per cent of the vote, according to Metro News. The right-wing Freedom Party came in second with 27.4 per cent . The centre -left Social Democratic Party of Austria, which now governs in coalition with People's Party, got 26.7 per cent . Becoming head of government would be the next leap in a political career that started eight years ago when Kurz, then studying law, was elected chairman of his party's youth branch. While no party won a majority, the telegenic Kurz is most likely to be sworn in as Austria's next chancellor and Europe's youngest leader after the tough coalition government negotiations that lie ahead. Smart and articulate, he eventually caught the eye of People's Party elders. After a Social Democratic-People's Party coalition was formed four years ago, Kurz, then 27, became Austria's foreign minister the youngest top diplomat in Europe. He was appointed state secretary for integration, overseeing government efforts to make immigrants into Austrians, in 2011. ( As reported in the news.