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Emergency Housing: Queen West and Community Offices

emergency housing: Once, a young woman approached to ask if she could perform a cleansing ritual in the space, according to NOW Magazine. She said she had detected some bad vibes. The building now known as the Parkdale Arts and Cultural Centre has a colourful history, first as a police station Division 6 from 1931-1963 then as emergency housing, before going empty for a few years and being used for film shoots for Robo-Cop the TV series and It Takes A Thief. The term community hub can be used to describe the mixed-use building housing artists, a gallery and community offices it has become today, but the intersection of Queen West and Cowan has long been central to Parkdale life.I have lived in Parkdale for a number of years and have found it as attractive as it is diverse, a place with history as well as a little edge. A filmmaker friend thought the area was more like an American city with a melting pot of cultures, as well as marginalized and privileged residents. It is also a community actively striving to be a caring place. ( As reported in the news.