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Drives Guineans: Sixty-Three Claimants and Asylum Seekers

drives guineans: After a de-facto amnesty on deportations between 2013 and 2016, requests for asylum by Guineans have been refused en masse since December, according to Rabble. According to the Refugee and Immigration Board, 10 Guineans in Canada have had their asylum rejected since June 30. The protesters called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to live up to his Welcome to Canada rhetoric and allow asylum seekers from the small West African nation to stay. Sixty-three claimants from the impoverished country are currently pending. Certainly, in a number of ways, this country has contributed to the impoverishment that drives Guineans to seek a better life elsewhere.A handful of Canadian mining companies operate in the small West African nation and to strengthen their hand Ottawa signed a Foreign Investment and Protection Agreement with Guinea in 2015. Rally organizers cited corporate Canada's exploitation of the mineral rich nation as a rationale for why asylum seekers should be allowed to stay. ( As reported in the news.