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Detention Centre: Convictions and Veterans Affairs

detention centre: Kim's lawyer and friends have said he has done well since completing a substance abuse treatment program run by the Department of Veterans Affairs early this year, according to Metro News. But immigration agents arrested him in April and brought him to a detention centre in Tacoma, Washington. Chong Kim, a South Korean immigrant and green card holder from Portland, Oregon, struggled with drug addiction, homelessness and post-traumatic stress following his time in Iraq in 2009 and 2010, leading to convictions for burglary and other charges. They plan to deport him because of his convictions. Despite his convictions, he was on and continues to be on the right path. It's just wrong to be deporting an Army veteran, said Matt Luce, 41, of Troutdale, Oregon, who attended high school with Kim and travelled with three other former classmates to the hearing Wednesday. ( As reported in the news.