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Crown Office: Prosecution Service and Defence Counsel

crown office: The disciplinary panel commented race played a role in how he Howe was dealt with by some members of the Crown office in Dartmouth, but added that this wasn't significant when they considered how he ran his practice, according to CTV. In a news release Monday, the public prosecution service said it doesn't agree with the panel's comment on its treatment of Howe. The Nova Scotia Barristers' Society disbarred Lyle Howe on Friday and fined him 150,000 after a disciplinary panel ruling that said the defence counsel repeatedly misled the courts and committed other acts of professional misconduct. The service says it believes the reference -- which wasn't fully explained in the penalty ruling -- was to the practice that Howe was to be escorted when he was in their offices. The press release issued Monday says these practices were instituted because Howe was suing a prosecutor for malicious prosecution at the time, leading a member of the Crown lawyer's union to send an email advising caution in their dealings with him, and that Howe was the subject of sexual assault charges. In addition, in the July 17 decision finding against Howe, the panel said female Crowns were told they wouldn't have to meet with Howe when they were alone. ( As reported in the news.