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Contingency Plan: Asylum Seekers and Pseudo-Refugee Camps

contingency plan: Followed by Quebec, the numbers grew from dozens of people to thousands in just a few short months, according to CTV. And while the federal government was quick to reassure the public, behind-the-scenes, officials were expressing concerns. This winter, the small town of Emerson, Manitoba was the first to see the influx. Government documents, including draft reports, and emails obtained by CTV News through an access to information request show that there were worries the sudden influx of asylum seekers could overwhelm the processing chain, essentially resulting in pseudo-refugee camps. As the numbers of asylum seekers climbed in March, Public Safety and other governmental departments developed a contingency plan. One official even highlighted Threat to Canadians and death of a refugee as significant risks as asylum seekers crossed into Canada in the bitter winter cold. ( As reported in the news.