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Company Catchphrase: Bodyarmor and Hashtag Obsessionis

company catchphrase: Bryant is the third-biggest shareholder in Bodyarmor, which was founded in 2011 with the aim of upending the market long dominated by Gatorade and Coca-Cola's Powerade, according to Toronto Star. The next chapter in that fight is the drink's biggest sponsorship deal yet a partnership with mixed-martial arts juggernaut UFC. Bodyarmor co-founder Mike Repole, who helped found vitaminwater and Smartwater, said he sees parallels between the drink and the sport, both relative newcomers facing entrenched industry incumbents. But Bodyarmor had a HOT summer! Up over 110% in convenience stores, he wrote, adding a fire emoji and the hashtag Obsessionis Natural, a company catchphrase he came up with near the end of his 20-year NBA career. UFC is to boxing what Bodyarmor is to Gatorade, Repole said. The UFC sponsorship, the largest marketing deal in Bodyarmor's short history, is part of a larger push to get consumers familiar with the drink. People are looking for newer and better. ( As reported in the news.