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Citizen Party: Speech Mikhnevich

citizen party: The 38-year-old Mikhnevich, who is a co-founder of the Cyprus-based international game developer Wargaming, said some notable figures' criticism of Turkey whose 1974 invasion in the wake of a coup by supporters of union with Greece split the island along ethnic lines borders on hate speech, according to Metro News. Mikhnevich said most of the 30,000 Russians who live in Cyprus are politically passive. Ivan Mikhnevich, a Belarusian who holds Cypriot citizenship, said the I the Citizen party seeks to keep the island's politics on a centrist trajectory after its founders saw political discourse drifting toward the ultra-right and left. But it was the 2016 election of two far-right lawmakers that prompted a core group of Russian Cypriots to get involved in domestic politics. He said the party has rallied many Greek Cypriots to its cause with membership approaching 1,000. Mikhnevich insisted I the Citizen is primarily a Cypriot party not intent on protecting the interests of Russians living in Cyprus. ( As reported in the news.