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Chinese Nationals: Canadian Citizenship and Baby Houses

chinese nationals: What once was a shadowy, underground practice is now increasingly more open, as dozens of so-called baby houses have emerged in the city, according to Vancouver Courier. Many operators are advertising online, here and in China, that the practice is legal. Wealthy Chinese nationals are showing up at local doctor offices, cash in hand, with the intent of giving birth to obtain Canadian citizenship for their newborn babies.article continues below Trending StoriesI Watched This Game Canucks 2, Flames 5Canucks sign 55th overall pick Jonah Gadjovich to an entry-level contract5 things you didn't know about the Vancouver Police Department Vision hid from media in Saturday's byelectionrelated Birth tourism not impacting maternity care VCHBirth tourism fix gets cold shoulder from Liberals First Belleza baby bumped but hopefully not second Petition filed as non-resident births rise at Richmond Hospital They are here for that Canadian passport, said Xi An, the founder of the Vancouver Post-natal Care Association and the owner of the Richmond-based Icy Consulting firm, which helps provide services for women giving birth, including maternity care, arranging appointments and filing various paperwork. However, several concerns have emerged related to quality of care, healthcare access and the integrity of the citizenship process. Since the beginning of this year, An's customers from China have largely outnumbered her local ones it is common in Chinese culture to hire a caregiver . According to Vancouver Coastal Health, in the 2016-2017 fiscal year, there were 379 births to foreign nationals at Richmond Hospital. We have seen a large growth in the numbers of babies this year who are born here by non-Canadian parents, An told the Richmond News. ( As reported in the news.