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Canada: Ahmadi Muslim and Multicultural Diversity

canada: As an Ahmadi Muslim, I want to reiterate that my faith does not condone such violence, according to Toronto Star. That is why such attacks are even more painful not only do they attempt to create divide within the beautiful mosaic that is Canada, but they misappropriate the religion of billions. As a proud Canadian, I was utterly disgusted by the horrific events in Edmonton. Canada has set an example for the whole world that pluralism and multicultural diversity is truly a strength of our nation. Article Continued Below I am confident that our nation will not fall prey to the agenda of terrorism and, instead, stand strong. This notion has been recognized by the former worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, when he beautifully said, My prayer is that Canada becomes all the world, and all the world becomes Canada. ( As reported in the news.