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Beginner-Level English: Valentina Malysheva and Ways p.e.i

beginner-level english: The program is offered at several schools in Charlottetown and Stratford and lasts between four and six weeks, according to CBC. Immigration surge has newcomers' association seeking more resources Key ways P.E.I.'s population is changing Though some students arrive shy, it doesn't take them long to open up and have fun learning the basics, says Valentina Malysheva, a teacher in the program. The Functional Language Program offers beginner-level English to newcomer students to help them more easily integrate into the school system and communicate with their peers. Such a joy' It's difficult, but they do it very fast, she said. Valentina Malysheva says teaching the children has been a joy. If they can show their language, their writing, it's just such a joy to see how happy they are. ( As reported in the news.