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Barry: Ibrahima Barry and Prayer Room

barry: At 7 50, a commotion was heard outside one of the entrances to the prayer room, according to National Observer. There, two distant cousins, Mamadou Tanou Barry and Ibrahima Barry, were the first to be shot by a gunman, who then walked inside the room and continued his killing spree. The centre is housed in a modern glass and steel office building, located on the corner of a busy thoroughfare. It was all over in a few minutes - with six men dead and 19 wounded. In the minds of some, this deadly attack raised a question while CSIS and the RCMP have spent years and vast sums spying on and often harassing Muslims, environmentalists, Indigenous and social justice activists, have they been overlooking a far more dangerous threat from the extreme right After all, prior to the attack, Bissonnette was not even on the police's radar. The suspect arrested was 27-year-old Universit Laval student Alexandre Bissonnette, who is alleged to have been influenced by far-right and perhaps alt-right ideas. ( As reported in the news.