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Asylum Processes: San Diego and Things Need

asylum processes: About two months later, he was released on an order of supervision in San Diego but failed to report on his scheduled date in January 2012, according to National Observer. Trudeau says Canada is looking into what happened and whether things need to be done differently than they were in 2012. The Canadian government has said that Sharif presented himself at a regular port of entry in 2012 and was cleared as a refugee in Canada.U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says that Sharif was transferred into its custody at a detention center in San Diego in July 2011 and was ordered removed to Somalia that September. It's certain that we have asylum processes that need to be followed rule by rule when someone presents themselves at our border. The priority is always making sure we're defending the values and rights of Canadians while keeping our communities safe. We have rules to follow and we make sure those rules are followed, he said in Ottawa on Wednesday. ( As reported in the news.