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Art Projects: Giant Sphinx and Led-Light-Equipped Pigeons

art projects: The summit, entitled Of Land And Revolution, served as a two-day intro to the event and to current thinking about art and resistance, according to NOW Magazine. Creative Time has obviously learned how to keep these things running smoothly. The org is known for putting on art projects outside institutional and gallery settings Kara Walker's ASubtlety, a giant sphinx made of sugar exhibited in a Brooklyn warehouse; Pedro Reyes's Doomocracy, a pre-2016-election Halloween horror house; Duke Riley's Fly By Night, a performance by LED-light-equipped pigeons; and Pledges Of Allegiance, a series of artist-designed, issue-based flags currently flying over NYC. Toronto invited Creative Time's director, Nato Thompson, to curate the City Hall section of Nuit Blanche, a village of shipping containers dubbed A Monument To The Century Of Revolutions. At the September 29 plenary sessions at Koerner Hall, an onstage band played a chord or two to signal speakers that their time was up, la Oscars. Opportunity for interaction was offered at the workshops held September 30 at the AGO. Here are some takeaways from the mix of Canadian and international speakers.1. Instead of the usual Q&As so often dominated by pedantic white men an organizer posed a few questions at the end of each talk. ( As reported in the news.