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Alberta Election: Opposition Party and Pickup Truck

alberta election: With Premier Rachel Notley's NDP government holding down by far the most seats in the Legislative Building in Edmonton, a busy United Conservative opposition party sucking up all the oxygen in the media, and an Alberta election beginning to loom, you'd think the federal NDP race that may end today would have been the subject of intense interest in Alberta political circles, and not just on the government side, according to Rabble. Instead not so much. There's always the possibility a moose will dash out in front of your pickup truck, but mainly it's just been the sight of trees whizzing past, kilometre after interminable kilometre. This is partly by accident -- it's not 2012 anymore. The future doesn't look as bright as it did when NDPers picked the disappointing Thomas Mulcair to replace him. That is to say, New Democrats, in Alberta and elsewhere, are no longer in shock at the death of Jack Layton, the leader who the year before brought them to the threshold of government in Ottawa. ( As reported in the news.