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Turntablism: Foundational Part and Dj Culture

turntablism: Sitting in A Different Booklist, a bookstore that specializes in African and Canadian diaspora works, Vancouver-based author David Chariandy makes this statement with the most disarming smile, according to NOW Magazine. He is talking about the cool kids that he grew up with in Scarborough. It should be in print. They were immersed in hip-hop, DJ culture and turntablism, and that scene became a foundational part of his sophomore and Giller Prize long-listed novel Brother McClelland & Stewart . Chariandy also has a goofy laugh that is both funny and charming, so any apprehensions of interviewing an author whose debut novel, Soucouyant, also set in Scarborough was nominated for the Governor General's Literary Award in 2007, and who is an associate professor in Simon Fraser University's English department, quickly disappear. He is on the edge of what is truly a cool group of kids, Chariandy says. It became deliberate that the character of Michael in the novel Brother is also uncool. ( As reported in the news.