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Tent Camps: Bangladesh and Population Shift

tent camps: It is an exceptional population shift that leaves almost all involved dependent on aid in already-poor Bangladesh for the foreseeable future, living in makeshift tent camps as far as the eye can see, according to CBC. The scale is just vast, said Sylke Buhr of the World Food Programme, which was distributing rice in the camps on Monday. Five-year-old Zahed is just one of the more than 430,000 Rohingya from Myanmar now sheltering in Bangladesh an exodus of vast proportions that in the span of only one month has overwhelmed the authorities here and bewildered even the most seasoned aid workers. There are so many people here, most of them women and very young children. The Rohingya refugees carry anything they can into their new life in Bangladesh. Countless challenges Ravaged by the wounds of persecution, violence and the trauma of escape, the inhabitants now live at the mercy of a whole new set of challenges basic housing, a lack of public health infrastructure, exposure to possible disease outbreaks, heat, late-season monsoon weather and acres of mud. ( As reported in the news.