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Supporters View: Rookie Member and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois

supporters view: He's also one of the three members of the left-leaning, pro-independence Qu bec Solidaire QS party elected to the legislature.QS seeks a break from traditional politics that have dominated the province for decades and an end to old economic policies that they say favour the wealthy and fail to adequately address poverty, according to National Observer. The social democratic party added thousands of new members after his arrival in politics and Nadeau-Dubois's supporters view him as the 'saviour' who can deliver on their platform. Today, he's riding a new wave of momentum that could shake Quebec's political landscape. ; Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, 27, is a rookie member of the National Assembly for the Montreal riding of Gouin. The Quebec media has also helped elevate the former student activist with glowing headlines. Quebec politician Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois graces the cover of the September 2017 edition of news magazine, l'Actualit . Screenshot of magazineQS is an unconventional party. Last month, he was on the cover of a prominent news magazine, l'Actualit that featured the words Saint Gabriel as its headline. ( As reported in the news.