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Student Refugees: Canada and Partner Campuses

student refugees: I was looking for a way to actually go to any place where there is school, he said, according to Toronto Star. For Madhier and 1,700 other young refugees in the World University Service of Canada's WUSC Student Refugee Program, that place was Canada. Madhier cried tears of frustration at his family members, who could not see a world beyond their farm in what was once the south of Sudan following generations of civil war, who did not understand the magic of reading. Since its 1978 beginnings, the program has recruited student refugees from 39 countries of origin, promising an opportunity to pursue a post-secondary education at one of 80 partner campuses in Canada and eventually even sponsor their families. But though he'd lived under the ever-present threat of bombings, famine, or being swept up by militiamen, this naivet also exposed him to unforeseen danger. Article Continued Below Looking back, the 28-year-old Madhier credits his childhood naivet for helping him get to where he is today, a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto. ( As reported in the news.