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Risk Detainee: Reason Toure and Immigration Detainees

risk detainee: He's wanted on a warrant, Lewis said under cross-examination, adding that this was the main reason Toure has been classified as a high risk detainee and therefore ineligible to be placed in the Immigration Holding Centre, a minimum-security facility intended specifically for immigration detainees, according to Toronto Star. Is this the warrant asked Jared Will, Toure's lawyer. Among the factors border agency investigator Dale Lewis listed as grounds to place Ebrahim Toure, who has never been charged or convicted of a crime in Canada, in a maximum-security provincial jail was the fact that he was a fugitive of justice because there was an outstanding U.S. warrant for his arrest. Yes, Lewis said. It says it expires May 17, 2006. Article Continued Below Will asked Lewis to turn the warrant over and read the back. ( As reported in the news.