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Refugee Claim: City Mid-Day and Police None

refugee claim: Despite recognizing his attackers, he says Serbian police failed to investigate and bring them to justice, according to CBC. That was like last straw and I decided, OK, I will leave, Stojanovic told The Calgary Eyeopeneron Monday morning. Boban Stojanovic escaped to Canada from Belgrade, Serbia, last year with his partner, after he was attacked in the middle of the city mid-day. Listen to Stojanovic's full interview about anti-gay persecution in Serbia '1054434371794', 'playlist Selector' 'container Selector' ' container98356272', 'ciid' 'caffeine14306075' ; His multiple complaints to police none of which were solved helped prove his refugee claim, that he was being persecuted in Serbia due to his sexual orientation. Boban Stojanovic worked for years in Belgrade, Serbia, to further rights for persecuted LGBT people in his country. I was lucky, ironically lucky, because my claim was accepted based on 23 pages of unsolved cases and almost 1,000 pages of evidence, Stojanovic said. ( As reported in the news.