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Puerto Rico

rico: Over the weekend, for instance, U.S. President Donald Trump reignited a debate over whether NFL players should kneel during the national anthem, crowding the hurricane out of the headlines, according to Toronto Star. The lack of functioning power and communications in Puerto Rico has also hindered reporting on the storm. One potential explanation is the congested news environment. But another explanation is simpler Many Americans don't realize that what happened in Puerto Rico is a domestic disaster, not a foreign one.A new poll of 2,200 adults by Morning Consult found that only 54 per cent of Americans know that people born in Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States, are U.S. citizens. Article Continued Below This finding varied significantly by age and education. Because Puerto Rico is not a state, they do not vote in presidential elections, but they send one non-voting representative to Congress. ( As reported in the news.