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Hamrasho: Fire and Hamrasho Home

hamrasho: A house next door to the Hamrasho home caught fire about a month ago, according to CBC. The fire was so severe a window in the Hamrasho home blew out. Speaking through a translator, Mannan Hamrasho told CBC News that in recent months his two kids had been threatened by other children who said we'll burn your life and we'll put fire in your house. Syrian refugees targeted by hateful graffiti Point Douglas man spews 'white power' rhetoric through neighbourhood The family doesn't know if the fire is connected to the threats. He also said he had to be hospitalized two months ago with broken bones after he was beaten by a man who punched him in the face and took his phone. Six Syrian families live on the Dufferin Avenue block where the graffiti appeared, so Hamrasho said he's not sure if it was his family that was specifically targeted or all six. ( As reported in the news.