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Criminology Student: Manitoba Mp and Pitasanna Shanmugathas

criminology student: The petition has secured the backing of Manitoba MP and NDP leadership candidate Niki Ashton, according to Metro News. These people have been deprived of citizenship in their own homeland and have been stateless and neglected for decades, said Shanmugathas. Pitasanna Shanmugathas, a fourth-year political science and criminology student at the University of Toronto, has launched a petition at the House of Commons. It's a crisis happening so many miles away, but our governments need to act and offer these people a home. The United Nations has called the events a textbook case of ethnic cleansing, and human-rights advocates around the world have warned a genocide may be and advocates have called on the government to take a strong stand in helping protect the Rohingya and end the crisis, including the creation of a UN-backed peacekeeping mission and a safe zone for refugees. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh since last August after the government-backed military went on a killing rampage. ( As reported in the news.