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Cocktail Party: Bill C and Trudeau Government

cocktail party: The changes outlined in Bill C-46, currently before Parliament alongside the marijuana legalization legislation, are raising a number of red flags for legal experts -- some who say the plan blatantly steps on constitutional rights, according to CTV. If you are completely sober, you drive your car to a wine tasting or cocktail party. Officers may also be within the law to lay charges within two hours of a driver exiting their vehicle. You plan to leave it there, and you have some drinks at the party. The Trudeau government introduced the overhaul in July as the federal government unveiled its roadmap to legalize recreational marijuana. If the police have reason to come and question you, and they smell some alcohol on your breath, you can actually be charged with drinking after driving, Ottawa-based criminal lawyer Michael Spratt told CTV's Power Play on Wednesday. ( As reported in the news.