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Clinton: Donald Trump and People Downstairs

clinton: Article Continued Below Hillary Rodham Clinton's What Happened offers a compelling guide to the perplexed, according to Toronto Star. Like the start of her 2003 memoir that chronicles girlhood in Chicago's postwar suburbs, the initial pages of this book unfold behind the scenes at Donald Trump's inauguration. The people downstairs have since given us plenty to talk about but our wonderment has reached new heights since the 2016 presidential election. Even George W. Bush seems far from enamoured with the new chief executive. Yet Clinton remains confident about her own future as an active citizen and the resilience of her country, noting that she refuses to disappear following a campaign that didn't turn out as the more than 65 million Americans who supported her in 2016 wanted. What Happened recounts not just electoral loss but also what Clinton sees as profound threats to American democracy An FBI director who mixes innuendo and investigation, Russian oligarchs determined to stop her ascent and news organizations with a distorted sense of journalistic balance figure prominently. ( As reported in the news.