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Cit Immcanada: Indictable Offence and Espionage Charges

cit immcanada: She included a picture of a letter that appears to alert the minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship that Manning has not been authorized to enter Canada and is inadmissible due to her prior convictions, according to CBC. The name of the sender of the letter has been redacted. so, i guess canada has permanently banned me Cit ImmCanada denied entry b/c of convictions similar to treason offense xychelsea The letter cites Manning's espionage charges and goes on to say if committed in Canada this offence would equate to an indictable offence, namely treason. Chelsea Manning freed after 7 years in military prison Timeline Chelsea Manning's journey to freedom Chelsea Manning to be moved to civilian prison for gender treatment On Monday, Manning tweeted that she's been permanently banned from entering Canada. Manning has been lauded as a whistleblower and condemned as a traitor for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified government documents to Wiki Leaks in 2010 while still known as Pte. 1st Class Bradley Manning. In 2013, she was convicted on 20 counts, including six involving the Espionage Act, but was acquitted of the most serious charge of aiding the enemy. She said she wanted to expose what she considered to be the U.S. military's disregard of how the Iraq War was affecting civilians, and that she was motivated out of a love for my country. ( As reported in the news.