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Berlin-Based Analyst: Angela Merkel and Josef Janning

berlin-based analyst: Not so, according to opinion polls, according to CBC. Josef Janning, a Berlin-based analyst with the European Council on Foreign Relations, says Merkel is still basking in a certain feel-good factor in Germany. Two years ago, when she decided to open Germany's door to almost one million refugees, her critics said it would be the death knell of her political career. We didn't used to think about this country as being great, he says. A campaign poster shows Angela Merkel and the colours of the German flag with the message 'For a Germany where we live well and where we like to live.' Getty Images It's the message Merkel's campaign posters deliver, wrapped in the sometimes undulating, sometimes geometric colours of the German flag, with the slogan Where we live well and where we like to live. Not in the sense of being 'uber alles' above everything else as the first verse of the traditional German national anthem goes but in the sense of being a good place to live. ( As reported in the news.