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Bangladesh Camps: Children and Burma Officials

bangladesh camps: Junior minister Nuruzzaman Ahmed said the social welfare ministry has asked local authorities for 80 hectares of land to build facilities for the children without parents, and about 1,580 such children have already been registered, according to Toronto Star. Read more Burma officials blame insurgents for killing 45 Hindu villagers found in mass graves Article Continued Below 10 photos from Bangladesh camps, 10 stories of Rohingya desperation Canadian aid workers describe chaos at Rohingya border camp The UN children's agency UNICEF has identified about 1,800 children who fled Myanmar without parents after violence broke out on Aug. 25, but Ahmed said the total number is about 6,000. react-empty 157 Zillar Rahman, a senior official at the ministry, told reporters in Dhaka that the government wants to protect those children by keeping them away from adults. Children make up about 60 per cent of the estimated 480,000 Rohingya Muslims who have poured into Bangladesh over the last four weeks to flee persecution in Buddhist-majority Myanmar. Ages between 13 and 18 are vulnerable. So the government is thinking of separating such children who have come here without their parents, Rahman said. If they live with the adults there is a possibility of getting harmed or involved in criminal activities. ( As reported in the news.