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Artist: Refugee Record

artist: Ai praised Canada for having a very open attitude in its refugee record, and bemoaned a global far-right movement that has demonized immigrants, according to CTV. The prolific and provocative artist is known for large-scale installations that deal with freedom of expression, human rights and technology. The outspoken artist was in Toronto to accept the Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship and promote a documentary that showcases the plight of displaced people around the world. He's lived much of his life in exile. Ai bemoaned the U.S. administration's plans to cap refugee admissions to 45,000 in the coming year, but says it reflects a broader antagonism in the West that must be confronted. His political criticism of the Chinese government resulted in his detainment for 81 days and the loss of his passport for two years. ( As reported in the news.