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Art Exhibition: Treaty Signings and Canada Celebrations

art exhibition: Hugely popular, Shame And Prejudice A Story Of Resilience presented the artists' work along with a selection of historical paintings and artefacts, according to NOW Magazine. A much-needed corrective to the Canada 150 celebrations, the exhibition addressed topics including treaty signings, First Nations' reserves, residential schools and missing and murdered Indigenous women. September 25-27. 6degreesto Kent Monkman's show at U of T Art Museum earlier this year might have been Toronto's most important art exhibition of 2017. Whatever the event's organizers had in mind when planning the sesquicentennial, it probably wasn't this. The monumental painting will be presented for two days September 26 and 27 as part of 360 Bridges at 6 Degrees Citizen Space, an event that asks what citizenship looks like in the 21st century. Now Monkman is back with Two Ships. ( As reported in the news.