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Ap Team: Refugee Camps and Rights Groups

ap team: The Associated Press' South Asia news director, Bernat Armangue, is part of an AP team in the refugee camps documenting the crisis, according to Toronto Star. Armangue, a photographer who covered global stories from the Arab Spring to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, shares his thoughts on some of the images he has taken of the unfolding calamity A bleak procession Shortly after we arrived, we started driving down to the area where we knew refugees were arriving in Bangladesh. The crisis has drawn global condemnation, with the United Nations and human rights groups calling on Burma to end what they describe as a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing. There was a moment, looking across the rice fields, that I could suddenly see a line of people crossing, like a long snake moving. There were so many people crossing the border. We stopped the car and started walking through muddy fields. ( As reported in the news.