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Ambassador: World War and Dreyer

ambassador: And she said she was caught off guard by the rise of the far-right at the ballot box, according to National Observer. Europe has quite a number of extreme right-wing parties, and Germany has always been proud of not having such a party, said Dreyer. She's also a Social Democrat. We have learned from the Second World War, and so we really are in shock, that we were not able to avoid it this time . Dreyer addressed the issue at a Wednesday morning news conference in Ottawa with German Ambassador Sabine Sparwasser, noting that officials were looking at Canada for possible solutions. Many representatives from Germany have travelled to Canada for this purpose, added Dreyer, who is also minister-president of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate on the country's western border. Dreyer explained that Canada had a most interesting approach to refugees. ( As reported in the news.