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Xavier Dolan: Oncle Antoine and Glenn Gould

xavier dolan: They're among Canada's best ever, including the well-known classics like Mon Oncle Antoine, Going Down the Road and The Sweet Hereafter, according to Vancouver Observer. Also lesser-known titles like 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, Jesus of Montreal and Dead Ringers by Cronenberg . Mommy, one of Xavier Dolan's best is playing as well as arcane oddities like Leolo and Guy Maddin's My Winnipeg. A whole week of free Canadian movies, starting appropriately enough on Saturday, July 1. You can find more about these, several others and some accompanying shorts, and how to get tickets at this website The regular new arrivals are these Baby Driver 4 stars The Big Sick 4Despicable Me 3 2 Nowhere to Hide 4 The Hero 3The Beguiled 2 The House not made available for review The title doesn't begin to set you right about what this film is or the pleasures there are in watching it. Baby is just a nickname for a teenager Ansel Elgort forced to work as a getaway driver in a series of bank heists. They're immense, by the way. ( As reported in the news.