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World Consequences: Ujczo and Investment Decisions

world consequences: The CEO had just decided Toronto would be the beneficiary when he was stopped at a border crossing by a Canadian border agent who told him he needed a work permit to enter Canada, according to CTV. The young woman said ... 'You know, sir, it's my job to save Canadian jobs, I can't let you across', Ujczo recounts. Ohio-based trade lawyer Dan Ujczo shares an anecdote that explains why A U.S. company was looking to make a major investment in either the Toronto area or Nashville, Tenn. And he said, 'Young lady, you just lost yourself 300 jobs. ' That, says Ujczo, is an example of the real world consequences of antiquated labour mobility provisions in NAFTA. Companies, when they're making those investment decisions, they want as streamlined a process as possible. It eliminates the need for companies to do a labour market impact assessment to prove that a job being temporarily filled by an eligible American or Mexican worker can't be done by a Canadian. And when they're saying, 'Look, I'm not going to be able to get my talent across the border,' boom! Why even deal with the headache NAFTA is supposed to ease the flow of labour between Canada, the United States and Mexico. ( As reported in the news.