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Support Karl: Canadian and Government

support karl: Support Karl on Patreon today for as little as 1 per month!It has been a long time since the Canadian labour movement has had the opportunity to applaud the actions of a Canadian federal government, according to Rabble. And yet, this past June, the Canadian Labour Congress CLC did just that, and it did so twice. Please consider supporting his work with a monthly donation. The CLC and most Canadian unions are both pleased and relieved that the Trudeau government has repealed Stephen Harper's Bills C-377 and C-525. In fact, however, it imposed costly and onerous reporting mechanisms on unions, of the sort that the government does not impose on business, or even on itself.C-525 aimed to make it harder for federally regulated workers to unionize, by requiring a secret ballot vote in addition to the existing card check system. The previous Conservative government introduced both, sneakily, as private member's bills, as we reported in this space in 2014.C-377 was disguised as an income tax measure. ( As reported in the news.