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Rights Activists: Canadian and Egyptian Court

rights activists: Amr Nabil / AP By Mohamed Fahmy Wed., July 19, 2017 A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, according to Toronto Star. These words from the mouth of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau summarize his tenure built on diversity, inclusion, and the rule of law guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. An Egyptian court that week sentenced three Al-Jazeera English journalists to three years in prison, the last twist in a long-running trial criticized worldwide by press freedom advocates and human rights activists. Trudeau said those powerful words when he was referring to the potential changes in Canada's Citizenship Act after Bill C-6 finally passed by the Senate with amendments that could become a law reversing parts of the draconian Bill-C24 ratified by the former Conservative most Canadians busy with their careers and families may not be so engaged with the details of Bill-C24, especially that it relates to dual citizens. Article Continued Below Prime Minister Harper's passage of this bill immediately encompassed the true meaning of a second-class citizen.I was the perfect candidate after the Egyptian judge trying me and my former Al Jazeera colleagues unfairly sentenced us to seven years in a maximum-security prison. Revisiting controversial clauses of this bill is not only essential but also a fulfilment of yet another promise made by the Liberals during the electoral race.I was in Egypt in June 2015 unfairly being re-tried for allegedly belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group designated as terrorists when the controversial provision of Bill C-24 came into effect, permitting the government to revoke Canadian citizenships from dual citizens who are convicted of terrorism. ( As reported in the news.