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Parliament Hill: Ceremonies and Khadr Settlement

parliament hill: Just days before the confidential Khadr settlement was leaked to the media -- no doubt by those very agencies responsible for his demonization and torture, from the Justice Department and Global Affairs to state security agencies CSIS and the RCMP -- armed agents of an acceptable Canada 150 message were arresting Indigenous people attempting to erect a teepee and conduct sacred ceremonies on the unceded, unsurrendered Algonquin territory that is illegally occupied by Parliament Hill, according to Rabble. Just as Indigenous people continue to be subjected to the ongoing continuum of racism that has always criminalized their ceremonies more appeared in court last week in Labrador facing criminal charges for conducting sacred ceremonies at the dreadful Muskrat Falls project Muslims in this country continue to face similar criminalization. Indeed, while the hundreds of millions of dollars poured into the sesquicentennial were ostensibly designed to create a space where diverse voices would be heard and celebrated although only at a surface level ultimate control of the message was directed by an unspoken but obvious white supremacy. They also face shadowy extralegal procedures that leave them in the limbo world of no-fly lists, incessant coercion to spy on their community, sudden closure of their bank accounts, listing of their charities as terrorist entities, infiltration of their mosques, indefinite detention, and deportation to torture. Indeed, C-51 was designed in part to address feelings of white fragility and its close cousin, spy fragility. And that's all before one factors in the newly legalized criminal acts authorized under C-51 that provide state security agencies free reign to abuse the human rights of anyone they deem suspect. ( As reported in the news.